Sunday, April 25, 2010

My good deal from last Friday

My sister in law was here over the week-end, and since we both enjoy paper crafts -- we both enjoy shopping for good deals in the paper crafts department.  Thought I'd share our big deal of the day - last Friday (compliments of Tuesday Morning).
All this for $14.99!  The book had a price of $19.95 on it alone --- plus all those stamp sets, bookmarks, and the ink pad!  I'd say this was a steal of a deal.
Originally, my s-i-l and I had planned to split this deal and each take 1/2 -- we had the stamps on the box's  cover divided up and then we opened the box!!  Decided it was worth the $14.99 a piece to have our own complete set. 


Sophia said...

So, did you leave any for me? :) Another blogger just posted pictures of this for me, and I could have kicked myself for passing it up! She said those stamp sets are priced at $12.99 each at the craft stores ...

Shore Girl said...

Not sure if there are any left or not......they were hidden down under everything else. (Moral of the story - it pays to DIG!)
I didn't mention, but the stamps on the box were NOT what was was my only deal of the day so I was happy to get at least one!

Sophia said...

I know which boxes you're talking about. They've been there for a few weeks, but they've gotten buried. (I'm not sure they were ever out in plain sight, though.) I picked one up and looked at it once, but the packaging was so confusing I wasn't sure I wanted to invest $15 in it. Now that I see the contents, I can tell it's worth every penny! :)


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