Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Gift

I am SO EXCITED about this wedding gift because it looks like it cost A LOT more than it did.  This was one time when it paid to wait till the last minute (i.e. the day before) to shop for a gift because Bath and Body Works was having HUGE sales on their stuff.....starting the day I went!  Their sales coupled with my coupon made for a really nice gift.  The girl for whom this was for is part of a family that has been more than giving to our family, and the last thing I'd want to appear is cheap in my gift to her.  To be honest I didn't know what to get her (being that I waited till the last minute and her wedding registries were very picked over), but then I hit upon the idea of a basket of Bath and Body Works stuff and I'm so very happy I thought of it!
Here's what the basket includes:
This candle holder and candle 
Ladies lotion and body wash
Two men's body wash items
A Wallflower plug-in -- I got one of these for Christmas last year and I love it!
Pure Vanilla Foaming Hand Soap
That's not all I got on sale-- the basket was 40% off at Michael's and I used a coupon on the Shredded pink paper.
The total value for this gift is $ 97.98
I paid a little over 1/3 of that price for the entire gift!
I love giving nice gifts to people and especially love it when I can make one up at a huge savings!
Here's the card I made to go along with the gift
I actually used a decorative folder for the front of this card instead of cardstock. It was just the pattern and colors I wanted and it worked out well.
Inside looks like this
I cut that huge rose off the back of the folder and glittered it up with transparent embossing powder. 
Oh and one more thing --- the flower on the handle of the basket is another Flora Grande creation made using silver embossing powder, pink chalks, pink marker, and pink micro beads.  (See I told you I was addicted to that stamp set!)
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Hussena said...

this is so elegant if u had not posted the pics showing how u made the flower and the card i really would think u had got it ready made. i too have been gifted bath and body works basket recently by my sil .i love their perfume and body baths very much.

Heather @ Catfish Kisses said...

You did a great job ~ it looks awesome!! I'm sure she'll love it :)

Visiting from the Whatever You Want Wednesday party!


Alexis said...

You did fabulous! I love this, I certainly would love to receive it as a wedding gift one day :). And thank you for the inspiration because I have a wedding coming up next month and need to start thinking of what to get!

Have a delightful hump day :).

Comeca Jones said...

Very nice love that basket color as well lots of useful items for a couple.

Julia Aston said...

This IS a wonderful gift and I'm sure will be appreciated by the newly married couple! Your card and flower add a lovely homemade touch!!

Pamela said...

Awesome gift. Love the flower you added. I hit the sale at Bath and Body Works, too. Saw the candle and holder and left it there. Now I'm sorry. :-)

I finally got to Dollar General to look for the cupcake things. I was sure they would be sold out but they weren't! Thanks again for that idea.

Sophia said...

I've been using up some of those file folders, too. I love them!

We must have hit the B&BW sales on the same day. I don't think you were at the same store as me, though, because I don't recognize a lot of the things you got. :) My favorite find of the day was the Cotton Candy candle for 75% off. I love that scent!

I'm sure your gift was well-received. I don't know of a woman out there that wouldn't LOVE a basket of B&BW stuff. You did a great job including the groom with the men's stuff, too.


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