Monday, August 15, 2011

Square Cards

I purchased this collage sheet off of Etsy some time back, and just recently enlarged the images and made four of the squares into cards.  With all the free images there are out there, I very rarely purchase anything like this.  But I wanted it for a special project and since $2.50 didn't break the bank I went ahead with it.
The images themselves didn't need a lot done to them -- just some coloring (with colored pencils) and flower soft added to two of them.
Also added some faux stitching around edges with a felt tip pen.
Very simple and easy to make if you need a card in a hurry.  I love how soft and feminine they turned out, and also love that I found some images that fit my flower soft perfectly!
You can click the images of the cards to pull them up big and better see the details.


Mynnette said...

These are wonderful! Great job on embellishing the images--they turned out beautifully! :)

paperpapier said...

oh! they are indeed lovely!

Pamela said...

So pretty, Esther. Perfect for flower soft. Do you remember where you got your "for you" stamp?

Michelle said...

These are very sweet creations. I just love the little scooter with the flowers. Adorable!

Shore Girl said...

Pam, that's not a stamp --- it was already on the image -- sorry!

Lenard said...

Doing great! Pretty perfect flower design.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful cards! I love the soft colors and pretty details.


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