Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I made two more little clutches for two special ladies at church.  These were made using the pattern on this blog - and now that I'm on to them I  can whip them up in about 30 minutes (from start to finish!!). 
The first one was a "go-along" gift - the second one is the gift so I filled it full of goodies.
These hold quite a bit of stuff, and I love the shape of them and how easy they are to "whip up."
Here's the tutorial I made for these clutches.


Polly said...

Thank you, Sweet Lady!!! I have faith in you and am at the point I believe you can make anything!! Did I mention you are a doll?

Pamela said...

I read that "crutches." You do the sweetest things. Your sheltering tree has the longest, fullest branches!

Wendys Hat said...

Wow they turned out beautiful!

Mynnette said...

Oh, I don't sew--but this looks like something I should try!!! Thanks for the cute idea! :)

Mynnette said...

PS: I pinned them. :)

Christa said...

I love the shape of these clutches, and you picked some awesome fabric pairings!!


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