Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Deal!

My friend called me this morning and told me about a yard sale that had some Sizzix stuff.  It didn't turn out to be anything I wanted, BUT there was something else there that caught my eye.
This little sewing machine!  I had actually seen it at a local thrift store a few weeks back for $40  --- I didn't bite then -- didn't want to pay that much.
The sticker on this box reads $20 - not a bad deal at all. When I ask the lady what it worked like she replied "I don't know.  It's brand new - I've never used it.  Someone gave it to me and I don't want it because I have a bigger one.  I'll take $10 for it." 
I'm thrilled with it as I love stitching on cards, but the mini machine I have only does straight stitches -- this one has eight different settings 3 sizes of zig zag, 3 sizes of straight stitch and 2 other patterns. 
So, while it isn't something I NEED (and I wouldn't have paid very much for it for that very reason) -- It was fun to get something I LIKE and WANT for $10.

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Sophia said...

Yep, that was a GREAT deal! I'd probably try sewing on my cards if I had a mini machine around. Have fun! :)