Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mini Cards

I saw a set of mini envelope cards and tags at Michaels the other day. They were from K & Company, and I LOVED them. So here is my take on them.
Both of them look the same when shut (shape wise), but the first opens and second is glued together to form and envelope. Here's the 1st one....

The 2cd one with the tag card in it..... This one I had lots of fun with....I used my small flower punch to line the whole punched for ribbon.
Here is a photo that includes the front and back of the tag.

On both I used double sided paper for both the envelopes and tags. I made lines for writing 1/2 inch a part, and used my corner stamps on two corners. Used my scallop scissors on the top edge of the 1)card 2)envelope.
Here are the punches I used in making the flowers on the red set...

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