Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cuttlebug Challenge #50 - Centerpiece

The last of the birthday celebration challenges at Cuttlebug Challenge --- a centerpiece for the table.

Usually the food takes up the whole table at our birthday parties.
With streamers from the chandelier to the corners of the table, cake on one corner, and food covering the rest of the table I was wondering WHERE I would put a centerpiece!?!
Finally got the idea to make a low decoration for the back of the table - behind the food.  I usually decorate this area anyway with something that coordinates with the theme.
So here is my "centerpiece" creation that won't  actually be in the center!
(Click to enlarge and see the details a little clearer!)
The details:
I printed the letters of my daughters name on three different colors of cardstock and embossed them in the cuttlebug.
Each letter has polka dots on 1/4 of it and various other folders were used on the other 3/4.
The polka dots alter between being on the top of the letter and then the bottom of the next etc.
Each letter is inked along the edges with pink ink and attached to white poster-board with  polka dots added around them with a marker.
(Close up pictures to see the details a little better.)

To attach the cards together...I punched out pink and green flowers and glued them to the corners of each card.  I then used a round hole punch and punched through the center of each.  The last step - thread alternating pink and green ribbon through the holes and tie.
The last thing I did was cut out four more baby images from my Anne Geddes book and "pop" them out the top of four letters.
Now we're all set for a birthday party!


Shantaie said...

Great inventive way to create a centerpiece...even if it wont take center stage, Its a real beauty!

Thanks for sharing your party with us at cuttlebug challenge!

Mona Pendleton said...

What a cuuuute centerpiece! I love the flowers that you used as eyelets! :) TFS