Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diaper Cake

This is my first attempt at making a diaper cake. It was SO MUCH FUN to shop for and do up. Lots of little things hidden inside the cake, and a few on the outside.
My favorite part is the dolly on top the cake. I so wanted an extra cute/soft topper, and was never so happy to spot this little gal at Wal-mart.

Diaper Cake Ingredients
49 Size 1 Diapers
Floral Denim Bib
Bright Starts Teether
0-6 months pink socks
0-9 months pink tights
20 piece barrette snaps
1 pink/1yellow pacifier
Carter's Child of Mine Doll
Travel Size Teething Relief
Johnson's Travel Size Baby Wash
Johnson's Travel Size Baby Lotion
Johnson's Travel Size Baby Powder
Johnson's Travel Size Baby Shampoo


Christa said...

This is adorable!! And I agree - the topper is best of all. :)

danaeyoung said...