Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Purchase

I didn't spend all my birthday money (yet!), but there was one thing I've been wanting for a LONG time....a set of nestabilities!  Originally I had planned (whenever I had the money) to get the scallop circle or oval -- I like most of them, but those two have ALWAYS been my favorites.  Well.......I didn't purchase either one, instead I got (40% off) Blossom.  I REALLY like the flower dies, and this one is pretty close to the scallop design.  I ordered it Saturday and it came in the mail yesterday (Wednesday).  As you can see, I MADE time to try it out -- just something simple to start with.
By the way, I'm not sorry I purchased this one, and have several things I want to try with it.

On a side note - that polka dot brown paper is flocked and from a stack of 15 that I got at Big Lots -- the whole stack for $1!  You pay that for one piece at Michaels!  I found six or seven packs (at least 4 were not flocked, but had 25 pieces in them) when we were there last Friday.  That's where $7 of my birthday money got spent!  I just couldn't pass up a deal like that!!! (Usually my friend Christa finds these deals before me -- SMILE... She has the advantage of living close I guess!)

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Christa said...

And to think that I haven't been to Ollie's recently! :) I guess I'll have to go the next time I'm closeby ...