Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birdhouse Calendar

My friend has been posting frugal ideas for Christmas.  Well here's one of my own "frugal" gift giving ideas......homemade calendars (for hanging on the fridge).
I actually made these calendars for my sister/mother/sister-in-laws, and was going to stop at that.  BUT I needed a gift for two of my husbands co-workers (ladies), so I made two more.  I'm posting one of them here, as it's slightly different than the others I made.  This one I turned into a birdhouse (for a lady who loves birds and anything to do with them).  It was actually my seven year old daughters idea to cut the chimney off the house and turn it into a birdhouse.  Decided to add some extra "bling" and make a butterfly fluttering out the top.

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