Thursday, June 3, 2010

Envelope Album Post #2

I made this album about a week with our friends.  When you open the flap to the 1st envelope you see the word "Friends" spelled out down the side.  The pictures in this envelope are "friends" pictures --- ones of my daughter and her two girlfriends, one of my friend Rhoda and I, some of other friends who joined us for a day etc.  For the journal-ling I talked about our friendship with this family and gave the significance of each picture.
The next envelope's title is "Funny."  This pocket has pictures/journal-ling about the funny things that happened while our friends were here or the funny stuff the kids did.
This envelope's title reads, "Family Portrait."  We have a "Friends" picture frame that we update with a new family picture of our friends.  This pocket has journal-ling about that and a few different family pictures we took while our friends were here. It also includes one of our family on the back!
Trying to keep all the titles starting with the letter "F"....I titled this envelope "Faces."  It includes faces that tell a story.   For instance...a picture of my daughter with a somewhat "sad" looking face has journal-ling that tells why her face looks downcast.  She's watching her friends swim but isn't big enough to join them.  She's watching waiting for them to be done and come back to shore to join her!  Each journal post starts with the words, "The face of......."

Come back tomorrow and see the inserts in these pockets.

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