Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mod Podge Vase

This isn't exactly a paper craft post, but then again it might be.
Quite a few years ago my sister-in-law taught me how to use old catalogs to make pretty vases.  After a move and change of themes for my dining room (primitive), I decided to try my hand at one.
Step 1: Purchase a glass vase at a thrift store
Step 2: Cut out different pictures from a catalog/magazine of your choice (I used the Country Store catalog!)
Step 3: Using spray paint -- paint the inside and rim of your vase in a color that
            matches your theme/images/room you plan to display it in. (My s-i-l always used gold --- her vases
            were very pretty and gold goes with pretty much anything -- as you can see I chose red for mine)
Step 4: Paint the back of your image with Mod Podge and adhere to the vase
Step 5: Continue till you have filled your vase with images in the chosen theme
Step 6: Cover the entire surface with Mod Podge to seal and make waterproof.

Here are two close up shots of the vase --- so you can see how it's all put together.
 Here is a blog that is totally dedicated to Mod Podge crafts --- pretty interesting!


Julia Aston said...

What a great patriotic vase! a wonderful project!

Unknown said...

Such a fun project - turned out great!