Thursday, October 28, 2010

Organizing Ribbon

My friend 'Sophia' recently show me a new way to organize ribbon.  (She got the idea from Becca - click here to see).  I really liked the idea as I had 1/2 my ribbon hanging up and the other 1/2 stacked on a shelf.  Doing it "the new way" freed up my space and helped me to see what I have a lot easier too.  Now when I go to pick ribbon for a project -- I can easily spot what I want. 
I recycled some cereal/cracker boxes for this project.  I cut them in rectangles 3 x 2 1/8 in.
On most of my cards I wound one spool of ribbon, but if it was extra thin or didn't have much left on it I fit two or more to one card (pictured below).
Reminds me of my DMC boxes with all my DMC thread organized just like this! I put mine in shoe box lids so as to keep them open and accessible and because they wouldn't fit in my small drawers -- the thick ones were too tall!

 I had a few spools of ribbon that were just too big to do up this way, so I hung them up on my shelves.  I was lucky enough to find most of these big spools at the thrift store (at one time or another) for a few cents!

Thanks 'Sophia' for suggesting this "new" method!

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Christa said...

You're welcome! :) I love mine, too. I promise I'll be posting about it soon.