Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome Gift

I LOVE to give gifts.  In fact I can't think of anything I enjoy more than giving -- whether it be time, money, or "gifts" I love to give.  My husband doesn't quite understand this part of me, and has frequently tried to stop me from giving things away he thinks I need to keep!
Now to be fair, I can't brag on that love at's not something I need admired for--- because I simply can't help it......I inherited it from my mother.  She may be "worse" than I am about it (if that is something you can be "worse" at!). If someone gives her $10 to spend on herself, likely as not she will buy something for someone else with it! 
So, maybe that explains all the "gift" posts lately --- and here's another one!
We are entertaining guest speakers this week, something else I enjoy doing (as long as I feel well).  The above gift is the "Sunshine Basket" I made up for them. 

Included in the basket (that I purchased on clearance at Wal-mart) is:
  1. A fall notepad
  2. A book (we had actually purchased it for someone else as a Christmas gift, but they already had it!)
  3. Two bags of Kettle Corn Popcorn
  4. A fall dish towel
  5. A fall candle
  6.  A bag of Indian Cornmeal (something native to where we live)
  7. Three recipes for the cornmeal
  8. A pair of aloe infused socks 
  9. Tic Tacs
  10. Pack of gum
  11. Sample size lotion
  12. Sample size hand sanitizer
  13. Welcome card
 All told it cost me less than $20 to make this basket up (if you consider that I already had the book), and it really made their day to get it which was a gift in return to me! I love making people smile and feel special!

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Pamela said...

Sunshine all the way! I like the idea of a native food item. I'll remember that!