Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diaper Bag

I'm back to blogging after a little break over Christmas.  Hope everyone had a great holiday and here's to a Happy New Year!
You'll not find a more serious little mommy anywhere than my daughter is -- in fact some recent company we had commented on the fact that she treats her baby dolls like real babies! She changes their clothes for church, after church, bed time, and of course a few times in between.  More than once her dolls have been mistaken for real children when we are out shopping --- so much so one lady was ready to scold me for taking my baby out without a heavier jacket on until she realized that it was only a baby doll!
She's been asking me to make her a diaper bag "with lots of pockets" for some time, never guessing I had already finished it and hid it away before she could see it!  It was one of her very favorite Christmas gifts --- filled to the brim with baby supplies!
Though this one is for play --- it's big enough that a real mommy could use it!
There are two outside pockets -- the blue, lacy looking square at the bottom of both sides.
Here's a look at the inside pockets:


Unknown said...

beautiful.happy new year

Naturally Carol said...

She is very easy to please having a great imagination like that! A beautiful present for her.

Christa said...

This is adorable! I thought about making diaper bags for her and my little girl, but I wasn't sure about how I wanted to design them. Now that I've seen yours, I have a better idea of what I want to do when I make one. Thanks! :)