Monday, December 6, 2010

Homespun Wrapping

I'm taking a break from the Christmas card posts to post my country wrapping paper for this year!
I love a beautifully wrapped present, but to be honest...I seldom "spend the extra" to turn gifts into "pieces of art."  I've always opted to spend the extra on the present rather than the wrapping.  BUT in the back of my mind there is always this idea of a "Country Christmas" where the presents are wrapped in brown paper and tied up with a fabric bow.  This year I decided to make it happen --- I bought the brown paper at Dollar General and bought 1 1/2 yards of burgundy gingham material that I tore in strips to create the "ragged edge" look.  Instead of buying tags, I simply stamped "To: From:" on the package and added a few stitched looking hearts and stars (with stamps as well).  I'm very pleased with the outcome --- it's what I've envisioned now for several years, but never took the time (or spent the money!) to make it happen!
(Another option for country look would be white butcher paper tied up with blue and white gingham material -- maybe I'll try that next year!)

Decided to dress it up further with a candy cane on this package.
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BTW --I don't plan to pitch the paper or bows from the presents that we open ---- I'll recycle both on cards or future presents......this will cut the actual cost per present (that line was for my frugal friend who figures everything out to the penny - ha!).  In all actuality I'm not sure it cost a whole lot more to go this route, as I don't usually buy the cheapest paper out there anyway!

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Christa said...

What a lovely presentation! I, too, love the look of brown paper with fabric bows. I have a a hard time pulling it off, but I'll have to take your idea and try it sometime!

Once you figure the cost of regular Christmas wrapping paper (and the fact that you could use this same paper year-round), I doubt you'd even have to recycle the paper and ribbon to make this a low-cost alternative. :)