Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Bulletin Board Decoration

Hard to believe it's the start of a new year!  I really can't believe how fast last year went, but 2011 here we come!
With the holidays being so busy (and us being out of the state for Christmas) I didn't get my bulletin board decoration done till the month had already started.  I had a ball of fun making this one --- here's the supplies I used:
  • White felt 
    • snowman cut out of 
  • Blue yarn
    • yes, I crocheted that little hat for him
  • Orange felt
    • snowman's nose
  • Red ribbon
    • snowman's scarf is a recycled piece of ribbon off of a gift I recieved
  • Beads
    • sewed his eyes and mouth on using these
  • 3 Black buttons
    • these too were sewed on
  • Two twigs
    • snowman need twiggy arms!
  • White velum
    • hills of snow
  • White snow writer
    • the bumpy part of the snow
  • White glitter
    • sprinkled over the bumpy snow
  • Snowflake stamp
  • White embossing powder
  • Verse printed on my computer
Happy New Year Everyone!

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