Monday, January 17, 2011

Paper Flowers

 I love flowers and more often than not I find myself using them on the cards I make. I love finding new tutorials showing ways to use what you have to make beautiful blooms for adding to your projects!  I've used the stacking nestabilites technique before and also the broken fibers - pealing apart paper layers technique, but I don't think I've ever combine them like the "Beautiful Flower" tutorial on the side of my blog does. (Just found this tutorial last week -- you're going to love the watering pot she used her flower on, and thankfully she linked to the template as an added extra!). 

I'm still not 100% sure I like the way the card turned out, but it's too late now -- everything is securely fastened in place!

Supplies used:
  • Blossom II Nestabilites
    • cut out the flower layers with
  • "Beautiful Flower" tutorial on the side of this blog
  • Shimmery White cardstock
  • Martha Stewart Leaf stamp
  • Ornate Labels #4 (Sizzix)
  • Sentiment -- Stampin' Up
  • Pink Gauzy Ribbon
    • not sure you can see it or not -- it's tucked under the flower 
  • Homemade Dew Drops
    • tutorial on the side of this blog
  • Victoria Embossing Folder (Provo Craft) --- (Thanks Lois - I love it!!!)
  • Black Felt Tip Pen 
    • faux stitching
  • Small brad to hold flower together
    I used the same technique and supplies on this card -- just turned it vertical instead of horizontal and changed the colors a bit. Decided to try using 2 different shades of purple and giving it a yellow center!  I left the ribbon and "pearls" off of this one too...
    I don't think you can see it in the above picture, but I embossed each layer of this flower with my Script (Provo Craft) embossing folder!  It gives it a tad more texture.
    For my readers who aren't paper crafters, but might like to add one of these to the top of a gift or package:
    1. You don't need nestabilities or even a paper punch to cut out this flower --- you could either draw or trace a flower of any size / shape and cut out three (and peel apart for six layers) for the same effect  Here's a free template 
      1. Several styles  to pick from here
    2. You don't need a paper crimper to break the fibers in your cardstock -- just crumpling it up a few times has the same effect
    3. You don't need brads to hold your layers together (though plain gold ones from an office supply store work ok since you don't see them) --- you could just use a dot of hot glue in the center of each one
    4. Leaves can be punched or free hand cut as well -- this is a very do-able project!
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        Christa said...

        Well, you know you have my attention! :) I dearly love those flowers and will have to learn how to make them ASAP.

        Thanks for sharing your lovely cards!!

        Pamela said...

        Ohhh beautiful! You are one talented girl. How do you use these--they won't go in an envelope, will they? I see a lot of cards on line that the bows go off the edge, etc., and I wonder about that. These would be beautiful in an easel.

        Esther Asbury said...

        Most people that make cards like this to mail use a box of some kind.
        I personally don't mail them. I never run short of occasions to use cards and often just slip them into a gift bag with whatever else I'm giving...or tape them on top of a tin of cookies as an extra decoration...etc.
        Of course the flower itself can be used to decorate a package instead of putting it on a card!
        BTW - thanks for taking time leave your sweet comments -- they make my day!

        Hussena said...

        hi pam i just came across ur blog through mel's blog i really like ur cards and the beautiful flowers. thanks for the tutorial and template for flowers really appreciate ur generosity.