Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter Tree

Time to change the Valentines Tree into a Spring/Easter tree.  I didn't hand-make anything on this one --just used eggs, bunnies, flowers to give it that spring look.  I'm always dismayed when my lights burn out 1/2 through the "season" and I have to un-decorate and put new lights on.  I picked up a box of lights on clearance after Christmas - they have the white wire instead of green.  I wasn't sure I would like them on my green tree, but found that they actually add to the spring feel of the tree.  These are LED lights - so I'm hoping the box was right when it says they last 5 years....getting tired of the lights burning out so quickly.
We entertained a school quartet last week-end and the first thing out of the baritones mouth when he walked our house was, "Oh I love the tree!"  Seems there are quite a few of us that can't bear to take all the lights/greenery down after Christmas!
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