Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Purse #1

Finally finished up a purse that I've been working on for two weeks.  Not that it takes that long to make it.....just have so many other duties that call my name.
Anyway -- I used the tutorial from My Patchwork..... though I altered it a bit.  My squares are not charm size (5 inches) but rather 4 inches.  I didn't want to make a tote, but a purse.
I also added pockets all around the interior (an idea I picked up from the homemade purses at a local quilt shop)....kind of like a purse organizer only you can't take them out!
Here's a view of the inside
I turned the purse inside out so you can get a better view of the pockets
Fits lip gloss, hand lotion, my keys, and pens...
...or perhaps hand sanitizer, a cell phone, my sun-glass clip and gum!
The pockets are a great way to keep all those little things in your purse from disappearing just when you need them most!
Oh I almost forgot the button....
Fabric covered button thanks to the 2 packs (with 3 button in each) of "Make to Match Buttons" I picked up in the Michael's clearance aisle.
BTW- Now I remember why I don't make/buy too many gifts ahead of time and "stockpile" them....a friend stopped by just after I finished this on Monday -- she liked it and guess what --- I sent it home with her! So purse #1 is already given away - so much for making Christmas gifts ahead of time!
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Alexis said...

That is so cute! I love making bags, they're pretty much my favorite. And those pockets are perfect! It looks like the kind of "quilting" i could do. I've always told people I could never do a quilt simply due to the amount of time it takes. But those squares don't look too bad. Delightful work!

Christa said...

It's beautiful! I love the attention to all the little details.

Just a little tip about stockpiling for Christmas: HIDE them! ;)

Pamela said...

Oh...I do that, too. I buy gifts early then like a child can't wait to gift them. Sophia's tip may help. Never thought of hiding them from myself. One lady I read about records where she hides them on her calendar. Is that really hiding? Ha!

This purse is so neat. I always say I can never find a purse with as many pockets as I'd like. So ingenious to sew them in.

Esther Asbury said...

Pam, I happen to know that hiding the gifts would not help at all! Glad you have the same problem as me -- I've always been that way -- I buy something early and then "find an excuse" to give it away soon after! I gave up on me ever having a big stash of gifts a long time ago -- I love to give and just can't wait!