Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yes, I know I've been MIA for a while now --- the end of summer has been very busy around here.  Now I'm in the middle of preparing to homeschool a 3rd grader so not sure how much I'll get in on all the goodies floating around Blog Land. 
Thought I'd share  few misc. projects with you today - and first up is a doily and dishcloth I did earlier this summer.  My mom and dad recently added a bathroom on the main floor of their home and it's done in tan with accents of yellow.  I made the above doily for my mom's new bathroom counter (to go under the 3 wick candle I bought her while I was visiting earlier this year!).
You can find the pattern here --- The Yvestown Blog  
Another crocheted dishcloth:
Here are a few little paper purses I made up using a stamp I saw at the Allentown Rubber Stamp Convention (actually bought it from a Mennonite ladie's shop as it was cheaper there)..... it comes from Too much Fun Rubberstamps
Oh, and remember the baby quilt I made earlier?  I forgot to show you the Big Sister and Big Brother gifts I included in that package!
Just a few fun things from Dollar General that I knew the kids would like.  My sister-in-law (Pam) and I used to get "scolded" from our hubbies at birthday parties because we'd always buy all the "non-birthday" cousins  a little gift too.  They never could quite figure out why all the kids needed "consolation prizes" when it wasn't their  birthday.
One last item:  A birthday envelope (sorry the pic is such poor quality!).  This was my quick fix for a guy in our church whose birthday I nearly missed.  Not only was it fast to make (simply stamp and color), but I haven't met too many teenage guy's that got overly excited over a birthday card.  An envelope with a little cash in it -- well that's a different story! 


Pamela said...

Consolation gift. I like that. I happen to think your sister-in-law is one brilliant woman. What a beautiful name she has. ha!

Love the birthday envelope idea.

I checked out the stamp store. I like the uniqueness of them. You've inspired me to use some Victorian graphics on my cards. I had fun the last couple days playing with them.

Christa said...

I love the envelope idea, too! I always tell my husband that he doesn't need to buy me a card if he got me a gift - just put more money into the gift and make me a card. ;)

Mynn xx said...

Beautiful as always! I love the doily and dishcloth--gorgeous! :)