Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Cards

#1 on my birthday list (really the only thing I could think of that I wanted)is "Fall Stamps!" You'd think that since fall is my very favorite season I'd own more than the few I do.  Anyway --making fall cards can be challenging so I decided to try improvising using non-fall stamps in a fall-ish way! ----I.E. the background stamp - done in brown and the polka-dot border - also done in brown.  I thought these turned out pretty well for the small amount of "seasonal stamps" put into them!
You'll remember my simple cards from earlier this year that utilized this same background stamp.
  • Pumpkin stamp - (Studio G)
  • Background Stamp - Pattern Trio - (Stampendous)
  • Brown marker 
    • that line at the top and bottom of the card
  • Colored pencils
    • colored the pumpkins with
  • Orange/Brown Cardstock
  • Brown ink
  • Twine
You'll want to come back tomorrow and see the gorgeous cards my sister-in-law created over the week-end she spent here!
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Anonymous said...

Great fall stamp idea - I think the "fall" thing is all wrapped up in the color palette - not necessarily the design. I love how you took a chance looking at something from another angle. This seems to be a message God is wanting me to get a hold of in relation to a trial I'm currently navigating through. Thanks for confirming the inspiration.
P.S. Did you just follow me on Pinterest???

Mrs. Smith said...

I love the cards! And thank you for following me at my blog! It was wonderful to see you there! :)

Leslie said...

Very pretty! I just bought my first stamps the other week. Now you make me want to use them...and I don't know where they went!

Christa said...

You're right - although that background stamp isn't necessarily a "fall" stamp, it's perfect!

So, are there any particular fall stamps you want for your birthday? ;)

Mynn xx said...

These are super cute--love pumpkins! Hooray for fall! :)