Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Christmas Cards

I'm so tickled that I figured out how to layer images in my photshop program and make them look like they came to me that way!
I had so much fun making up some vintage postcards to use as Christmas cards. This time I made the cards with hangers in one corner....they could be bookmarks or TREE ORNAMENTS!  I think it would be great fun to print several different kinds and decorate a whole tree in them!
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Polly said...

Beautiful!! I would give anything to be able to layer images! I can't seem to figure it out!

Christa said...

They are beautiful! You did a great job because they really do look like they came that way. :)

I can't wait to print off some of the digital cards I made at your house. I just hooked up a better printer, so I'll be sure to share them soon!

Pamela said...

This is such a great idea. I'd love to make these throughout the year and have them ready for a fun new tree next year. I really need Photoshop!

Susan Marlene said...

I do love your blog. I found you when visiting Pamela's blog!! Very festive!

J said...

Hello! I'm visiting from A Sheltering your vintage cards! Wish I had the patience to figure that procedure out!