Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Fun

I made the above felt egg at a recent "egg making party" my friend had for our kids.  She had soft felt there for them to sew two eggs together and stuff them with fiberfill, or you could use the hard felt and make ornaments like mine.  I was a bit slower at completing mine than the kids were, so I only finished one. As I'm sure you can figure out, the possibilities are endless for making a whole set of eggs like this to decorate a Spring  Tree. Here's some links to things I've made in the past.

My Easter Bunny Cakes from last year
 I also did bird's nest up for the Jr. Church kids last year.
Here's a good recipe for them at

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jamie carter said...

So many fun ideas! Thanks for featuring our bunny pops!

My Mad World said...

Love these ideas! Gonna have to try a few of them! Thanks so much for featuring my post too!! Have a blessed weekend!!

Added your link to my site too! :)