Monday, August 6, 2012

Little Clutch

Sharing a little "welcome gift" I made up for missionary Sally Sebo who shared about her passion (orphans in Romania) last Thursday night. You can't listen to her presentation without being stirred -- she's probably my absolute favorite missionary speaker!
I wanted to make up a welcome basket for her, but since she is only in the states for a few months every couple years - and a lot of that time is spent traveling around and sharing about her work - I wanted to keep the gifts simple and light so as to not overload her suitcase on her return trip.
 I figured that she could always use some snacks on the road, and since I like to include at least one thing that isn't "consumable" I opted for a small clutch.
I used this tutorial from A Rosie Sweet Home as a basis for my clutch. 
I didn't have any extra place mats laying around at this time, so I made up something similar (though smaller) with some jean material and a pretty plaid.
Someday, when I get the time I'll make you up a tutorial of how I did mine.
Here's what I included in it:
Chap stick
Germ X
While I'm sharing about Sally's visit --- here's a pretty fruit basket one of my generous and thoughtful friends made up to help in entertaining her! It was as delicious as it was beautiful!
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Winnie said...

What a lovely gift! Perfect for a visitor traveling. Love your clutch. Great use of the jean material. The fruit basket your friend made looks yummy.Safe travels to your missionary friend.

Pamela said...

We love Sally, too. What a sweet, sweet basket of goodies. The clutch is adorable. So many people complain about their kids being PKs, but I never felt that way. And one of the absolute best blessings was that they had the privilege of spending time with missionaries and evangelists.