Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flower Gift Toppers

I recently received a prize package won from Jamie at Raising Up Rubies.  She has so many wonderful ideas -- and I enjoy browsing her etsy shop - just for inspiration!  In my package was a lovely crocheted flower something like the ones she has for sale here.  I "fell in love" with my darling flower and soon set out to make some of my own. Here's the results:
These flowers are pretty simply and fast to whip up --the free pattern can be found here.
Other supplies include:
  • Yarn
  • Buttons
  • Blossom I Nestabilites 
    • the large shape the flower is tied to
  • Blossom II Nestabilities
    • the smaller stamped shape
  • Old cracker/cereal boxes 
    • I glued my pretty paper to the cardboard before cutting it out -- it makes a nice firm gift topper that way
  • Scraps of pretty paper
  • Studio G sentiment stamps
  • Twine
    • for tying the sentiment on
Here's a view of the back -- so you can see how I tied the flower onto the cardboard:
 You can add a strip of double sided tape to stick it to your package.


Jennifer said...

Esther you are incredible! I just love your flower toppers and thank you for the link. I'm just gonna have to try making these sometime!

Pam said...

These are sooo cute!

Christa said...

Very nice! These are so much prettier than store-bought bows, and they're a lot cheaper, too.

Margie said...

Your flowers are so pretty and thanks for the link to the pattern.

Pamela said...

I'm all over this! I have some yarn with crystals in it. Can't wait to try it on these.

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Esther,

Hmmm you make me want to take up crochet! haha, I can Tat, but I don't seem to have time lately, and I can knit but no time for this either. Sigh sigh.

but YOUR flowers are A - DOOR - A - BLE!!! thanks for showing!

Happy Friday!