Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lamp Makeover

Here's the last of my primitive thrift store purchases that just needed a "touch of something" to complete their look. 
I paid something like $2.99 for the above lamp -- and all it needed was some filler!
After telling a friend about my finds, she came up with a bag of Styrofoam beads to fill my lamp with - from the Dollar Store no less!
Here is sits on my nightstand -- with yesterday's made over lamp and one of my birthday gifts from my husband (that big willow tree)....he's awesome at picking gifts for me!


Pamela said...

The stand is just perfect. The little lamp did tie it all together. How do you see all this in your mind? I would never have thought to use the star on the lamp. Love the willow tree, too.

Winnie said...

So nice! I thought they were actual cranberries not styrofoam. I love the vignette you made with all your treasures on your nightstand. I need to do something with my room, currently all my tables are stacked with books...Not a bad thing, but not pretty either.

Christa said...

I'm so glad to see they worked. It turned out fantastic! I thought of cranberries when I saw them, too. :)