Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Clutches

Sharing 3 clutches I knitted for Christmas gifts using this free pattern on Ravelry
 This one uses Homespun yarn....I like the look and feel of this "chunky" yarn.
This one uses Hometown USA yarn -- very think and a bit difficult to knit because of how heavy it is. I had to take breaks while knitting this one as it hurt my hands because of it's weight.
 This one uses the I Love This Yarn brand and was my favorite to work with.  It was so easy to knit I could easily have made a clutch in one afternoon!
Here are the changes I made to the pattern to fit my preferences.
  • On the pink and teal ones -- I made the button hole smaller doing rows 5 and 6 like this: 
    • knit 11 stitches, cast off 3, knit 11 stitches
    • knit 11 stitches, cast on 3, knit 11 stitches 
  •  On the black one I increased the size (since the yarn was so thin) by:
    • Casting on 29 stitches
  •  I made the button hole smaller on this one as well by doing rows 5 and 6 like this:
    • knit 13 stitches, cast off 3, knit 13 stitches
    • knit 13 stitches, cast on 3, knit 13 stitches
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Pamela said...

I'm using the "I love this yarn" on some hats for the boys. I started the first one tonight and it looks like it would fit a doll. LOL...but the yarn is nice I just need to use a much larger hook!

I want to try these sometime.

Winnie said...

So nice! I am loving these. What a great idea for gifts! I am trying to pick my favorite and it is hard. I love that you can make them unique to the recipient that way.

Christa said...

Those are great, and you're getting faster. :)

One thought about the yarns that are hurting your hands - did you go up a few needle sizes? For the Hometown yarn, a (US) 13 needle is recommended. It makes a bit of difference, but it still tires my hands more to use the thicker yarn and thicker needles.

I, too, love the I Love This yarn from Hobby Lobby. It has a much superior feel to the other brands out there. I also like being able to support Hobby Lobby, so it's a double bonus! :)