Monday, March 11, 2013

New Mommy Gift

A sweet friend of mine has a beautiful brand new baby girl to cuddle and love as of last Saturday morning!
I made up this little "Pamper Me" bag to take to the new mommy when we visited in the hospital. 
She already has everything she needs for the baby, so why not spoil mommy a bit and make her feel pretty and special after all the work in delivering her precious bundle of joy!
The tag is one of the quilt tops from this post.
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Winnie said...

What a great idea! She will love it! The cards is so pretty (love the quilt block you made!). Some pampering on her down time will be so special!

Pam said...

How thoughtful of you, great gift idea ! Love the quilt tag, just beautiful!

Jennifer said...

How very thoughtful! Mommies need these sweet gifts to! Your tag is just gorgeous! I love the layered quilted look!

Pamela said...

I remember a few mommy gifts I got when my girls were born. Melanie got a "little mommy" gift when Sarah was born. Special tag!