Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Fall has come to my house -- both in temperature and in decor.
My 10 year old helped me decorate (as always) and this year did some of it all by herself (i.e the above round table in my living room).
I put fall stuff inside of my mason jar lamp -- pine cones, leaves, etc.
I tried to "tone things down" a little this year -- using more browns/greens/earth-tones instead of all oranges, reds, yellows!  There's still plenty of fall color around -- but too much orange tends to "jangle" my nerves after a month or so!

 My mom gave me the pretty table runner on my coffee table and the pumpkin tart burner (below) is from my mother-in-law --- and early b-day present!
My mom's old sewing chair in the corner of my dining room.
I kept the table fairly simple -- a lantern w/candle inside. 
I love burning candles during meals!
The deck is "all decked out" in a fresh coat of stain and a few fall things like the above pumpkin basket.....a mum, and....
...a cute little pumpkin man!


Christa said...

You did a fantastic job, as usual. Your house always looks like it came from a magazine [I know because I've been there], and this is no exception.

I always enjoy visiting and seeing your decor. You have a real talent for decorating and creating a relaxing, cozy "mood" in your home. You give me such good ideas! :)

Stephanie said...

Everything looks so beautiful and festive for the Fall season! You and your sweet 10 year old did a fabulous job!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Looking good! I always love to see your seasonal decorations. Thanks for all that you share here. Tell your daughter you both make a good team. ~ Abby

Jennifer said...

Wonderful fall colour!

Pam said...

Love this! Everything looks so beautiful!