Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Shower Gift

One of our close friends is getting married in April and our church did a "carry-in wedding shower" for him and his sweet bride-to-be this past Sunday.
I made up a cleaning supply basket for them.
My thinking is this: It's fun to spend your money on decorations and furniture, but not so fun when it comes to all the practical stuff that you need in setting up a new home.
So......I like to give useful/practical things (with maybe something "fun" thrown in!).
Here's the gift table before the gifts arrived.
One of my friends made the towel cake in the center of the table -- here's a closer view:
Here's the little suitcase I decorated up for the cards:


Stephanie said...

Definitely a clever idea! And that Dawn dish soap is a favorite of mine - it smells so good :)

Patti said...

Wow this is a sensational idea!! I love all the wonderful details : )

Stacy Sheldon said...

I love the suitcase for the card gifts and your basket is such a cool idea :)

Christa said...

I received a few similar gifts at my bridal showers, and they were all fantastic. In fact, they were the most practical (and useful) items I received. I love how you made it pretty, too!

Teresa Arsenault said...

What a fabulous idea your church had for this couple. The table looks great and your practical gift will be much appreciated.

I once gave a new bride a roasting pan, since she was getting married just prior to Thanksgiving. The energy in the room deflated when she opened my gift, but it ended up being one of her favorites, as she told me later. That was one new bride who didn't have to take the risk of taking an aluminum foil pan out of the oven and having hot turkey juice splash all over.

Pamela said...

Such a neat gift. Love the cake and suitcase, too.