Monday, May 12, 2014

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

This was Mother's Day dessert compliments of my 11 year old daughter!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits
Waffle Cones
Vanilla Yogurt
Fresh Fruit of your choice
Strawberries, Kiwi, Peaches, Blueberries, Raspberries,  Blackberries, Pineapple, Bananas
(We used strawberries, kiwi, and nectarines)
Homemade Granola

Layer Yogurt -- Fruit in your waffle cone
Top with granola.
Place in freezer for 45 minutes.
Serve Cold and Enjoy!!

Basic Homemade Granola
 1 1/2 cups oatmeal
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. salt
2 T. Honey
2 T. Maple Syrup
1 T. Oil
Mix all ingredients
Spread on baking sheet
Bake 30 minutes (stirring every 10 minutes) at 375 degrees.
Optional add-ins:
BEFORE baking add: nuts, sesame seeds, wheat germ
AFTER baking add: dried cranberries, cherries, raisins


Christa said...

She did a great job! They look and sound yummy!

Winnie said...

Looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day! That is one pretty dessert and sounds tasty. Love that you can pick the fruit you like. I have a set of these parfait dishes in pink, so I will have to give it a whirl.

Anonymous said...

They came out perfect! They look so good! - Emily

Jennifer said...

How very delicious! Your daughter has great taste. :) Thanks for the recipe!