Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini Paper Dolls

Three little Altoid tins altered to hold three sets of mini paper dolls.
I covered the backs with plain cardstock in matching colors.
Each tin has approximately 31 dolls and..
...clothes to color, cut out, and paste on the dolls.
Dolls from Skip to My Lou
Dresses from Fantastic Find (1/2 way down the page)
I had printed the dolls first thinking I'd attach fabric, paper, ribbon to decorate them with. Then I got the "brilliant" idea to print clothes to color and paste on (easier for littler ones), so I had to resize everything. Next time I will print dolls and clothes that actually go together to save myself the "headache."
Here are some links for those kind:


Teresa Arsenault said...

What a brilliant idea and a lovely take-along surprise to stash in your purse for those long waits at the doctor, etc.

Stephanie said...

Well, if this isn't just the cutest! I love this :) Hugs to you!

Winnie said...

How precious! Great to have on hand for little ones! Great for travel with kids too!