Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bathroom Reveal

My finished bathroom -- redecorated from a patriotic theme to a primitive/country theme.
I used the colors in my bedroom so everything goes together now!
(The patriotic stuff wasn't wasted -- a friend is redoing her kitchen in that theme so she inherited a big bag of freebies from me!)
 Most things I either a)redid, b) moved from another place in my house, or c) made from scratch.
The only things I had to purchase were my shower curtain, some towels, and two throw rugs.
I used birthday money on those items, so nothing out of the budget for this makeover!
This item used to be a big, painted pledge of allegiance, but I turned it into a primitive embroidered piece. 
Hope you've enjoyed this mini tour of my bathroom makeover!


Christa said...

As usual, you did an amazing job!

Stephanie said...

Oh, it's so sweet and charming! I love the shower curtain - did you make it?

Have a blessed Sunday! Hugs