Thursday, July 21, 2016

Decorating with antiques

My brother knows that I've recently come to enjoy collecting and  decorating with antiques/old stuff.
He saved me three things that his 
customers ask him to "get rid of" for him!
The first was some old wooden ladders.
He cut me off a section and I'm using 
it in my living room as a blanket ladder!
The second item was an old metal mop bucket.
I turned it into a magazine/book bin for my guest room.
The last item was an old wooden toolbox.
I stood it up on end and am using it as a 
lamp stand in one corner of my dining room. 
Always fun to re-purpose "old stuff" and I love how homey 
antiques make a house feel!


PJ said...

I love how you decorate, antiques with purpose.. awesome job, I really love the piano, beautiful, I grew up with an old upright piano at home, that was actually an antique saloon piano that my parents bought at an auction.. had such depth to the notes just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your decorating tips with us .

Conniecrafter said...

Aren't you ever so lucky, these are fabulous!! I have always loved the ladders for displaying my quilts... great idea for your magazines and books and the tool box is a great way to show off your old books too!

Jennifer said...

You have such a wonderful style in your decorating! Wonderful items to repurpose. :)

Kim said...

Wow!! Somebody's trash certainly turned out to be your treasure. All three are amazing. Love how you have decorated them in your home. What a clever idea to use the ladder to hang your blankets. Love the old metal mop bucket. Never did a mop bucket look so good. AND.....the old wooden toolbox...what you have done with this treasure is so inspirational!