Sunday, July 5, 2020


Do you ever feel small, insignificant, and powerless in the face of the chaos and turmoil around you? I know I do. Sometimes I've yearned to make a difference in the world or in the lives of people I care about, but my hands are tied and there's little I can do.  Recently I was praying about a whole jumble of problems and feeling totally helpless to solve any of them in even a small way. I remember saying, "What can I do, God?" After a bit the verse in Luke 16:10 came to mind, "One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much..." and I realized that was my answer. I am to be faithful in the small, seemingly insignificant things of my life, and leave the rest to God.
  • Instead of doing just enough to get by, I must work hard and do my best at every task whether menial or important
  • Instead of giving in to social/peer pressure, I must stand for right no matter what it costs
  • Instead of blindly following error, I must seek for and cling to truth regardless of how unpopular it makes me
  • Instead of giving in to hate and division, I must be kind, return good for evil, and seek to get along with those who hold differing views
  • Instead of living selfishly, I must sacrifice and serve the people in my life
  • Instead of worrying about the future, I must learn to trust the unknown to my Heavenly Father and concentrate on living today for His glory
  • Instead of fighting and arguing causing hurt feelings and damaged relationships, I must be silent and keep the peace
  • Instead of being proud and arrogant, I must be humble and teachable
  • Instead of living for earthly rewards and accolades, I must seek things of eternal value
  • Instead of merely being religious, I must pursue a living, personal relationship with Jesus on a daily basis
I want to live in such a way that I hear the words "Well done good and FAITHFUL servant..." at the close of  my life; because for the Christian, the opposite of failure isn't necessarily success, it's FAITHFULNESS!

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Unknown said...

It’s a lovely page. It is nice to take time to think and type out your thoughts.

Conniecrafter said...

Great post once again, I do feel like right now especially I am going against all that others think is right and I don't, but I must ask God to guide me and help me to do and say the right things.