Sunday, August 9, 2020


Sometimes it's the beauty of nature: a vibrant sunset, a soft breeze blowing through the trees, the aroma of fresh cut grass; that makes my heart rise in longing for a perfect world unmarred by sin.
Sometimes it's laying in a chair with ice packs on my shoulder/neck and a cold cloth on my eyes trying to ease the throbbing that gives way to an inward groan for a land without suffering and pain
Sometimes it's the arguing, unkind words, and meanness on social media that precipitates the cry for a place where love reigns supreme. 
Sometimes it's the burdens of a missing child, a broken home, or a friend fighting depression that produces an ache for a kingdom of perfect peace and rest.
Sometimes it's a song, a message, or a passage from a book that causes my heart to rise in worship and desire the moment when I'll see my Savior face to face.
Sometimes it's the wounds and scars left by the practice of empty religion that leave me anticipating the day grace and truth reign supreme.
Sometimes it's my need of mercy and forgiveness (again) that creates my eagerness to be whole and complete without the need for either.
Some days it's poignant, and tears run down my face; and other times it's just a quiet, inward longing; but always there's a hunger for home.

In recent years the Sojourner's Song (by Gloria Gaither) has become my theme song.  When I get discouraged and weary with this world, I pause to remember that I don't belong here - I'm just passing through. Max Lucado said in a video message this past week, "The greatest calamity is not to feel far from home when you are, but to feel right at home when you're not!" The longer I live, the more I anticipate Heaven - my eternal home!

Sojourner's Song (click for full song)
It's not home
Where men sell their souls
And the taste of power is sweet
Where wrong is right
And neighbors fight
While the hungry are dying in the streets
Where kids are abused
And women are used
And the weak are crushed by the strong
Nations gone mad
Jesus is sad
And I don't belong

I don't belong
And I'm going someday
Home to my own native land
I don't belong
And it seems like I hear
The sound of a welcome home band
I don't belong
I'm a foreigner here
Singing a sojourner's song
I've always known
This place ain't home
And I don't belong

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Conniecrafter said...

Beautiful page, pretty framing of the lovely flower, yes, I think the older I get the more I cherish the promise of eternal life with God, I hurt to see the path the world is heading in, praying for peace and healing from all the sin.

Ginny Maxam said...

Hi Esther, such a Beautiful page! I enjoyed reading your post very much and am inspired by your journaling. Thank you for entering in the Word Art Wednesday Challenge. Ginny M, DT