Sunday, September 27, 2020

Character Counts!


Have you ever met an ugly person? Oh I'm not talking about someone with a hideous scar or deformity, I'm referring to people who act ugly? Maybe it was the person next to you in a restaurant that made a big fuss because the waitress mixed their order up, or maybe it was a friend who was nice to your face but talked about you behind your back, or perhaps an online acquaintance that went on a rampage over your difference of opinion on ______ (you fill in the blank). Maybe it was the driver who flipped you off because you were going slow in the fast lane, or the judgemental church member who felt it on their heart to let you know what you were doing wrong! It could have been a manipulating family member who always has to have things their way, or a boss who made your life miserable with unreasonable demands and plenty of criticism. This kind of ugly isn't about what the outside of person looks like, but rather what their disposition is like.

Without a doubt, our society is more than little concerned with appearances. (Just add up the all the time, energy, and  money spent on cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, diet plans, and gym memberships!!!) We're good at dressing up, stashing our skeletons in the closet, showing off how smart and beautiful we are; but when we strip away the external stuff, we're left with the part that really matters --- our character! A truly beautiful person is the one who is gentle, kind, forgiving, long-suffering, caring, generous, thoughtful, sacrificial, unselfish, humble, and loving. This kind of beauty doesn't fade with time, but only increases and grows more vibrant with practice and age.  

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Conniecrafter said...

I totally agree with this, you can see someone that is pretty on the outside but then if their actions are horrible you don't see that anymore, and someone who isn't as pretty can be just beautiful by their actions once you get to know them. I pray everyday that I am the kind, understanding and loving person God wants me to be :) Love the Autumn touches you brought to your page!

Unknown said...

I have been stalking your journal pages. I put together a supply of Bible journing supplies some time ago. It went against my grain to cover the scripture. I love your journal! I'm going to take a look at something like that. You're a great inspiration!

Maria said...

A beautiful post and lovely journal page! Oh, so true how this world is concerned about so many things it shouldn't be concerned about. So much competition. But, the true winners are those who want to be more like Christ. It is difficult in this world, but we know that God is right there along side us guiding the way! Thanks again for your beautiful message and all your wonderful designs, so pretty!