Sunday, January 31, 2021



 I just finished filling nine pages with notes from my study of I Corinthians 13, and I found myself convicted over and over again. The love taught in this passage isn't a cozy affection based on someone's goodness or likability, but rather a love that is an act of the will and given to everyone (worthy or not). Without this love our accomplishments, abilities, sacrifice, and even martyrdom mean nothing! 

The greatly condensed version of my study is:

  • Love bears the faults, differences, and annoyances of others  (is patient)
  • Love reacts with goodness towards those who treat them badly (is kind)
  • Love doesn't want what others have or begrudge their success (doesn't envy)
  • Love doesn't seek a platform or spotlight to parade it's achievements (doesn't boast)  
  • Love doesn't harbor ideas of it's own importance and is quick to admit it's failures (is not proud)
  • Love had good manners, is gracious, courteous and tactful (not rude)
  • Love doesn't live to please itself  (is not self seeking)
  • Love doesn't  fly off the handle or retaliate when provoked (not easily angered)
  • Love doesn't dwell on the sins and failures of others (keeps no record of wrong)
  • Love doesn't delight in passing on bad news, is careful not to entertain itself with media where evil is exalted, seeks out the truth even when it goes against what it wants to believe (doesn't delight in evil but rejoices in truth)
  • Love covers and shields and doesn't publish the sins and faults of others (always protects)
  • Love is eager to believe the best, and gives the benefit of the doubt (always trusts)
  • Love doesn't dwell on the mistakes of the past, but looks forward to the future (always hopes)
  • Love doesn't give up no matter what (always perseveres)
  • Love holds steady and endures forever (never fails)

Something I've observed these past few years is that crises have a way of revealing what's really inside a person, so I've been pondering these questions: 

  • Do the actions and words that spill out of me make others hungry for God?
  • Do people who aren't "in my circle" enjoy my company or am I a self-righteous nuisance?
  • Can I read my name in place of the word "love" in I Corinthians 13?
  • Does the life I live bring glory to God, or am I making a mockery of what the Bible teaches by saying I believe one thing and doing another? 

 Here my second page and insert of my devotional themed paper bag book. 

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Conniecrafter said...

your top question in the second page of do my actions and words bring others to want to know God, that has been my prayer for the past few weeks. Great pages!

Pam said...

WWOW! Beautiful Esther!