Saturday, July 25, 2009


Since I've been too busy to spend a lot of time making cards of late....thought I'd pull one out of the archives to showcase. This is a very simple card, but one my favorites!

  • cream cardstock
  • Julep Floral stamp (Hampton Art)
  • 3 different sheets of DCWV - Nana's Nursery
  • corner punch
  • pale blue ribbon


Miss Prudence said...

Hi Esther, I saw your comment over at Paper tree...isn't she amazing and I can share with you for fact she is just as lovely as her cards! She is my lovely friend :)....What you are looking for are "dimmensionals". They are sticky little shapes with foam between the adhesive layers. SU sell them but they are available at most craft shops. They are very cheap and your projects will look all the most wonderful with them. BYW Very pretty blue card!

come and visit me at or lvoe to see you there!

Esther Asbury said...

Thanks to Lynda for her helpfulness. I actually have used mounting tape (that I purchased for $1 for a big roll). I think it is supposed to be used in decorating (maybe to keep pictures straight on the wall?), but it works great on cards too. Since it comes in a roll you can cut your piece as BIG or as small as you need it. It's slightly less expensive that what they sell for scrapbooking/cardmaking.