Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cards from Friends

Since I've used up all of my previously created (before this week) projects on this weeks posts, and since I'm
having a major battle with my TMJ (you know it's bad when you spend more time holding your head than your scissors and can't even manage to color an image without pain shooting up your arm!)-- this post will not be about what I have created, but rather what some of my friends have created and sent me!
One thing I love about cardmaking is that there are so many different styles and each person has their own unique style.  I love all the different styles and have tried my hand at a lot of them.  If I were to define my style it would probably be "pile it on" as I never know when to quit adding things!
That being said ...... here are three different cards created by three different people in the last three (or five) years. Though I'm known to clean things out and pitch anything not used in the last year, one thing I NEVER throw away is a homemade card from a friend.  I enjoyed browsing through my collection to find these, and enjoyed re-reading the sweet notes inside just as much. Here's to three great ladies who made three sweet cards!

Hopefully today will be better (TMJ wise) and I'll be able to share something of my own by tomorrow!

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Christa said...

I hope you're feeling better, too! I've been dealing with migraines all week. Maybe we'll both get to finish out the week better than we started it.