Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pocket Envelope Mini Album

My daughter wanted a mini album of her own to decorate.  She decided she'd like to have the envelope/pocket album so I helped her to make it up.  It was a very simple/fast/easy/"frugal" album to's how it goes:
1.  Here's what we started with ----- a stack of 11 envelopes from junk mail (i.e. credit cards applications/magazine subscriptions/even bills if you pay on-line and don't use the envelope enclosed).
2. Seal the envelopes and then cut off ONE end making the envelope the size you'd like your album to be.  (We went with 5 inches)
3. Cover each side of your envelope with your choice of patterned (or solid) cardstock
4. Punch holes for comb binding (or choose a different binding method -- ribbon, rings etc.)
5. Cut two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than your envelopes and cover one side of each piece to form the front and back cover.

6. Bind Together with comb binding and you have a mini album all ready to decorate!
Here are some of the inside pages (my daughter went through the scrap bin and picked the papers she wanted in her album).

Inside the front cover


Christa said...

Wow! That's a great idea, and a great use of junk mail! I usually throw away those envelopes, but I'll be saving them for some mini albums for my kids, too. :) (And if I can ever figure out a cute way to decorate them, I may just use one or two myself.)

Esther Asbury said...

I forgot to add that between each page is a pocket to stick tags or ??? in. It increases the "scrapin'" room of the album - fun! As for ideas --- if you love mini albums as much as I do...the possibilities are endless!