Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Tea Favors

Thought I'd show you the little "tea treats" I made up for the mothers of our church for Mother's Day. I got the little cup template here....I re-sized it to fit my needs.  The flowers are from Heartfelt Creations - the Posie set -- with glitter in the middle! I stapled some tea bags to the back of the cup.
The cupcakes were decorated with two toned icing.
Here they are 30 some of them - 1/2 blue...1/2 pink
Thought I'd share a picture of the decorating I did for the front of the church
I decorated the tree with teacups and teabags
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Christa said...

These are beautiful, as usual!

You have a real knack for decorating, you know. I love how you decorated the front of the church!

Bernie said...

Oh, wow. I will have to show my friend Michele the tea tree. She is a huge tea fan and that would look cute in her house around Christmas.

Wendys Hat said...

What a cute idea! So creative! You did a great job!