Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Gifts

Well I'm not an expert seamstress, and don't consider myself a quilter either -- BUT I wanted to make something special to welcome sweet little Payton to the world.
I found a pack of pre-cut squares at our Wal-mart in pinks and browns and fell in love with it. The above quilt was the project I decided to make with them.
My friend Abby sent me her burp cloth pattern (that she makes from soft flannel) so I made two of those to go along with the quilt. I really like the "dog bone" shape of them as they curve in at the shoulder and fit around your neck well (something like the ones in this tutorial -- except I like Abby's a bit better). I used the zig zag stitch to top-stitch around them once I'd turned them...like the look it gave them.
 Of course no gift is complete without a homemade card...click picture for a closer view.
Supplies used:
  • Pink Cardstock
  • Pink Paint 
  • Scalloped Rolled Rose
  • Homemade notebook edged paper
  • Vellum sentiment (Thanks for the big pack of them Christa!)
  • Glitter strips with Scor Tape (from this tutorial)
  • Silver Rhinestones
  • Lace
    • under the sentiment
  • Large Scalloped Circle 
    • (freebie from a stamp company --  I traced it off to use as a pattern)
  • Faux Stitching around s.circle with felt tip pen
  • Vellum Teddy Bear (Hot Off The Press)
  I love making baby stuff -- and especially like pink and brown together so this gift was a lot of fun to assemble!

Here's the baby card my 8 yr. old made.....she wanted it to be funny.  The background behind this card comes from  a Berenstain Bears book about where brother and sister get a new baby sister.  Sister has to carry the dirty diapers to the trash and frequently says "Pee-yoo!"  She has a bit of a jealousy problem until Papa and Mama bear show her home movies of when she was a baby.
That's why giraffe on this card is carrying the baby giraffes diaper to the trash and saying "Peyou!"
My daughter hand drew all the elements of the card -- the trees, the giraffe etc....... her mother's only "slightly jealous" of her artistic ability - actually she's very "jealous" of it!
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Little Birdie Blessings said...

The quilt came out great Esther. Not a seamstress? Could have fooled me. I love it. And you did a great job with those burp cloths. Glad the pattern worked out for you. Sometimes I buy packages of flannel receiving blankets and cut the burp cloths out of that. You daughter did a great job on her card. Everything looks good!! ~ Abby

Pamela said...

You are amazing, Esther. I love the quilt -- am even considering make one to have on hand. The pink and brown is awesome -- as is your card. Love it!

Love the giraffe card. My kids loved the B. Bears, too, and now the grands do, too. I'm JEA of the artistic ability, too.

Lori said...

Pretty burp cloths and a darling card! Your daughter's card is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your baby gift is BeAuTiFuL ♥ and I love the card!!!

Sandy Ang said...

such sweet cards and quilt !

Christa said...

Oh, I LOVE how the quilt turned out! I had no idea the baby was making her appearance this soon, but it looks like you got it done in time. :)

Tell your daughter that I love that card - it's adorable and so creative! :)

Ryder Mauer said...

Lovely! The pink color is perfect for a baby girl. The color is so uplifting that makes everything seem so be comfortable. And I have to commend your daughter for making such a beautiful card! Well, like mother, like daughter!