Monday, October 10, 2011

Burned Paper Bag Leaves

When my sister in law was here last week-end she brought me an Aqua Flo Water Brush that you can put bleach in and "paint" with.  I decided to try it out on some fall stamps.  I brushed the stamp with the bleach and stamped it and then over-stamped it with brown ink.  You can't see the yellow one as clearly (it looks white in real life) - but the green one showed up real well.
I also used this fun tutorial for Burned Paper Bag Leaves for the leaves on the right of this card. I didn't quite follow the coloring directions though --- I colored directly on my leaves with markers and smeared it around with my fingertip.
It feels good to have had a few minutes to create last week, and to try a few new techniques!


Tina said...

You did a great job! I haven't had the time to create much of anything lately and I sure miss it. You've given me some great ideas for when I get started back..hopefully soon!

Pamela said...

Awesome technique. The blessing is one of my favorite stamps. Are the leaves cut from paper bags?

Esther Asbury said...

Yes, Pam -- I cut the leaves from the paper bag after I "burned" it and colored it.

MariLynn said...

I love how you leaves turned out. I really liked your aqua brushed bleached leaves. I have never had much luck with bleach. I like how yours looks.