Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Purse

My sister has a birthday coming up early next month, and I wanted to make her a purse and matching clutch to celebrate her special day.
She's not exactly a "country gal" like I am (in her taste) -- I suppose I'd call her decorating something like "classy" or "classic."  Her house is beautiful and very tastefully done - I love it --- but it's definitely not the hodge podge country style that I use everywhere!
That being said -- I wanted her purse and clutch to be a bit more "sophisticated" in style -- don't know if I succeeded or not - but I think she'll like it.
 I didn't use a pattern for the purse -- I just based it on one that a friend made and sent me for my birthday last month. Talk about learning by "trial and error" -- I did more ripping out on this purse than I ever have on any other project!
Here's a view of the lace flower I made (using lace that Abby sent me in my surprise box!).
I find that when I use big purses, my little things tend to get "lost" in the bottom somewhere. To remedy the situation I usually use a clutch of some sort to keep all the little things in one place. Here's the matching clutch I made my sister:
I used the off white material on the front and the black material on the back.
The inside has both materials in it as well.
I used the same pattern I've always used -- this simple and easy one from the Noodle Head blog.
(By the time I had sewn and ripped out um-teen times on that purse....I needed something simple and easy that I could whip up fast!)
I'm sure you noticed I did not include the pockets inside --- it goes a lot faster and I didn't make mine with the intentions of being used as a wallet, but rather as  a "removable pocket."
I have several more sewing projects ahead - for Christmas presents this year!
Let's hope this "sewing mood" I'm in lasts a little while!


Comeca Jones said...

Its darling!

Christa said...

It's lovely! Your fabric choices are very sophisticated, so I'm sure your sister is going to love it.

I can't wait to see what else you sew for Christmas!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Anyone would love that bag, WOW you are really going to town here on your sewing marathon. I think you're inspiring me to turn on my machine and sew something. ~ Abby

Pamela said...

Oh how I've enjoyed going through all your sewing projects. I'll have to try those totes. What a cute gift. The tea tag is adorable. I'm not sure if I know your sister or not, but who wouldn't love the purse? The fabric is delightful!