Friday, March 9, 2012

Mini Clutch

I'm finally home again --- and SO HAPPY to be here!  It seems the older I get the more of a "homebody" I become --- this trip was the first time I've longed to be home 1/2 way through....usually I'm just a bit sad for trips to come to an end. Here's hoping I won't have to travel too far for a very long time!
  Now I have LOTS of blogs to catch up on -- but probably not till next week since my nephew and niece are arriving TODAY and spending the week-end with us!  Should be fun!

Today's post is of another mini clutch I made for one of my nieces birthday's.  I really like how these little purses turn out, but the best part about them is they are so fast to "whip up." (I can make one - start to finish - in 30 minutes or less!)
I embellished the outside of this one with a zipper flower
While I was gone I taught a sweet friend of mine how to do these -- she was pretty impressed with how fast these come together and how cute they turn out!
Of course you can't give a little girl an empty purse, so.........I included a few $$ and chocolate chapstick!
Here are some of the previous clutches I've done with this pattern:
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Dawn said...

Adorable clutch!!! Your niece will love it, I'm sure. Hugs, Dawn

Pamela said...

Every little girl's purse HAS to have lip gloss. When Melanie was little every little bit of money seemed to go to a new chapstick! These purses are adorable.

Christa said...

Very nice! We should get together sometime and sew a bunch of these. I have probably 20 of them cut out, waiting to sit down and remember how you showed me to do it. :)

Heather said...

These are adorable!! Your niece will love it! Under 30 min...bonus!! The zipper flower is Fabby!! So cute to add a little money and chocolate chapstick!! Perfect little gift!!

Linda M. said...

Hello, It took me awhile to find your follow button but I did and I'm a new member. I love your little clutch bags and I want to check out your twine flowers. Have a great day! Joyous Wishes, Linda