Monday, February 25, 2013

Bird Tags Take Two

So I decided that I didn't like the bird tags I posted last week so I started over.
I like these versions much better than the first two I made.
I love how springy this looks with the pink, purple, and teal!
 For these flowers I used flower soft and I LOVE how they turned out
Closer view of the flower soft flowers.
Since I really didn't like how the 1st go around turned out...
 ...I ripped the flowers off and started over!
I like these a whole lot better!
Supplies used:
  • Stamps
    • Transparent Treasures
    • Flower Triplet 
  • Embossing Folders
    • Diamonds (Sizzix)
    • Wood Grain (Darcie) 
  • Punches
    • Martha Stewart Branch Punch
    • Ribbon
  • Flower Soft 
    • Heather
    • Summer
    • Sweet Pea
    • Fuchsia
  •  Studio G Glitter
  • Scallop Oval Punch 
  • Shredding Scissors
  • Birdie Coloring page from here 
  • Inspiration for these tags came from Misty's Mess
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Helen said...

oh, wow, you've been busy. These are gorgeous.

Karen Letchworth said...

Absolutely delightful, Esther. Your creativity abounds once again, and I'm so blessed to be one of the people who gets to see this. Thanks for sharing with us, and have a blessed week.
Word Art Wednesday

P.S. The challenge at Top Tip Tuesdsay calls for tags, and if I know you (and i do) you always have a Tip or two to share!

Winnie said...

These are so beautiful. Love the complete scene you made on the tags! Great texture on all the elements...So great!

Pam said...

Just beautiful! I love the colors and all of the wonderful detail!

Anonymous said...

I got notification of your first tag post while I was out working on the road, but I see in the meantime you have been busy remaking your tags! I thought the first look pretty exciting as viewed on my tiny iPhone screen. The next three are pretty cool too. Love the extra dimension you added with the flower soft and cut out petals. The posts look terrific in the woodgrain embossing folder impression and your birdie looks to be in his full glory with all that shine. Thanks for letting me know about your tags, I enjoyed veiwing them.

Susan (rainy) said...

These are wonderful! LOVE those flower soft creations.

Pamela said...

I wondered where the birds flew off to. I thought the first one were pretty but I see the comparisons. The second ones are brighter. I'm not sure I would have been able to tear up my work!

Jennifer said...

Well, I did really like your first go around to, but I agree that the second try is sensational! This little birdie is singing his agreement!

Christa said...

I liked the first ones, too, but the second ones are definitely awesome! I don't know if I would have had the patience to rip apart all that work, but it did turn out lovely! :)