Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sock Monkey Shower - Clothesline

For a background decoration I did a baby clothes line in a monky/red-brown-white theme.
Here are the customized clothespins I made to hang the clothes with:
I painted the pins
before covering the fronts with scrapbook paper (from Hobby Lobby).
In order to find the exact kind of clothes I wanted for on the line I ended up shopping new stuff on ebay!
Thankfully I found some pretty good deals and was very pleased with my monkey themed sleeper/onesie. 
Since I ran out of time, I paid Christa (from Sophias Sundries) to custom make my sock monkey hat.
If your interested in making one yourself you can find a FREE pattern (in six sizes!) on the Repeat Crafter Me blog.


Christa said...

I love this clothesline idea. It's so cute!!

May I ask how you created the backdrop/background itself? It's a really neat concept.

Esther Asbury said...

The background is simply plastic tablecloths hung over my bookshelves!

Winnie said...

I didn't realize the first time I saw the clothesline that the pins were decorated! How fun! They are such a great touch. I can't wait to try that! The monkey pins cracked me up. Yesterday, I enjoyed the cupcakes! Such amazing details. Thank you as always for sharing the "how to's" Enjoy the weekend!