Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hanging Farmhouse Decor

The above peg board hanger I bought at the thrift store and painted white to match the rest of the room.
It was a lot of fun making/finding stuff to hang on the pegs.
This frame was another thrift store purchase (painted white) with an old fashioned picture placed inside.
A friend gave me the brown jar for my birthday.
It had a Christmas decoration on the front - I removed it and added the crocheted heart instead.
 Bird eggs add interest to my hanging "containers."
I'll do one more post on my guest room decor tomorrow -- it's been such fun showing you my new room and all the diy projects!

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Stephanie said...

Good morning, sweet friend! Oh, what a delight to pop in for a visit :) It was a joy to read your comment this morning and I was happy to hear you were able to take a break. We need to do that from time to time.

Your post is simply lovely and I just love the rack that you found at the thrifty! Hugs to you!